FOAM epdm, cr,eva, pu, nbr+pvc

Our products include EPDM foam, NBR foam, CR foam, NBR/PVC extrusion foam, PE foam, EVA foam, plastic-rubber foam, sponges, slow-rebounding foam, SBR laminated with fabrics, foams of thermoplastic elastomer.

We also possess high-precision processing equipments such as horizontal cutting, slitting, gluing, die cutting and so on, in terms of different customization, such foams are made into sheets, sponge gluing strip, as well as various different shapes etc.

Productos destacados

  • O型密封圈

    O型密封圈的使用延伸到了许多领域。这种的特点是用途广泛,耐高温高压。这种连接的主要功能是保护密封件,防止液体和 […]