CPI Sealing specializes in the manufacture of profiles and die-cut and moulded gaskets for the lighting industry. We manufacture custom gaskets and seals for lighting products, as waterproof lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, LED lighting, panel lights and fluorescent among others. We have over thirty years of experience working closely with our customers to provide them design more effective, engineering and sealing solutions to meet their requirements and obtain the required IP. We provide long term weather protection, reducing heat buildup and extending the life and performance of the lighting products. The gaskets and profiles have excellent characteristics of compression set, together with a high resistance to long term to seal effectively. The main cause of lighting failures is rapid changes in the external temperature changes which can cause pressure inside the luminaire. If the internal pressure is not equalized, the resulting vacuum in the conditions affect internal work, which increases eventually causing condensation lighting unit, fails. Water, dirt and dust can also degrade the performance of the lighting unit.


  • Materials, gaskets and profiles for lighting.

CPI Sealing maintains a wide range of materials that meet UL / VO or regulations are equivalent. They are also suitable for insulation requirements for most lighting applications obtaining the necessary IP. The most common materials used to manufacture lighting gaskets and seals are listed below. Most lighting boards are available with adhesive.

· Open and closed cell sponge rubber (UL Listed)

· Neoprene closed cell (UL94F – 1)

· Foam rubber (UL94HF)

· Polyurethane foam

· Poron® foam (UL Listed)

· Silicone foam (UL 94V-0)

· Polyethylene foam

· Nomex® (DuPont ™)

· Formex y Statex ™

· Voltoid®Materials

· Fishpaper UL 94V-0

· EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer)

· Silicone rubber

· Nitrile (Buna-N)

· SBR (styrene-butadiene)

·Neoprene® (chloroprene)

* Most of the lighting gaskets are available with adhesive


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