3DCPI, division of PRODYSOL for the supply of products for 3D printing, incorporates new models into the FDM range. BLACK30 and SILVER25 printers, whose printing dimensions are:


3DCPI BLACK30: X300*Y300*Z400


3DCPI SILVER25: X250*Y250*Z250

BLACK30 and SILVER25 features:

The printers are equipped with two extruders.

They use direct extrusion system, with 1.75mm diameter filament resulting in high printing speed and reduced jamming.

The new hot-end they incorporate allows you to print with two materials, using only one nozzle, which will make it easier for less experienced users.

The nozzle is interchangeable, being able to choose between different options to optimize the finishes and optimize the printing time.

It incorporates 2 layer fans, separated from the cooling ones of the hot-end neck.

The printing surface is made of smooth tempered glass, with beveled edges. szerencsejáték tippmix sportfogadás

They are equipped with a heated print base, this makes it possible to print different types of material, improving the warping effect on large parts.

The printers are equipped with metal structure, giving it great rigidity.

The new printers also have two sensors for when the plastic coil is finished, pausing printing to allow for an optimal coil change.

On the front panel it has a Full Graphics LCD screen and SD card reader, giving a completely autonomous, efficient, powerful and precise printer set. www tippmix hu

It incorporates an ultra-precise probe, which will help us (together with the built-in auto-level function) to be able to have successful impressions in our warm bed, even if it is not completely level. nyerőgépes játékok kockás

In addition, in case of power failure, we can recover the impression when we have tension again.

With the new printers, 3DCPI has a wide range of options that cover the different market needs.