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PRODYSOL’s priority objective is to manufacture and commercialize products adapting to the market needs, offering solutions and actively contributing in the growth of our customer..  At PRODYSOL we firmly believe with the concept to offer products and services with a high quality and with a great restlessness on technological update, committing with the sustainability regulations and respect for the environment.

Our centres

PRODYSOL  is supported to tis production centres in Spain and China, which features with an effective organization based in ISO 9001, providing technology, innovation, services, quality and commitment to evolving,  being a services referent in all the products supplied.

CPI PRODYSOL, is an integrated company to the CIPSA group

What does PRODYSOL do?

PRODYSOL distributes the activities in 5 divisions

Sealing, connection and fluids conductions as well as complements for the electronics sector are some of the applications where business is developed with CPI Brand. 3DCPI offers products and support for the emerging world of 3D printing, and CPITech introduces to the market. 




Covers a wide product range for the sealing, allowing you to be a present insectors as diverse as petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric The range extends from industrial gaskets (Spiral wound gaskets,, RTJ Double metal jacketed gaskets and grooved gaskets) completes its product range with machined parts, gaskets, graphite rings, dielectric kits and all kinds of engineering plastics such as PTFE, PEEK, Devlon and PCTFE.

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CPI-Fluids & Automation

Offers solutions for the sector hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid connections, providing hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, hydraulic hose, tubing PTFE, PA, PU, etc,.

CPI FLUIDS & AUTOMATION is distributor of UNIVER and PARKER LEGRIS brands.

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CPI ELECTRONICS supplies the products related to the electronics as USB cables, telephone pair cable, connecting cables, and keyboards digital printing, PCB, Aluminum PCB, FPCB, standard plastic boxes, boxes and plastic parts without mold etc.

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    CPI-PTFER 1/2″ x 12 mts. x 0.076 mm CPI-PTER It is a tape for sealing threads having good tear resistance. The tape is chemically inert and seals most metal pipes and plastic threaded bolts. Does not react with steam, water and some light solvents. CPI-PTFER, PTFE ROLLS  are suitable for contact with food, according to the FDA […]


    METAL RINGS The surface of the faces of the stainless seats are coated by spraying especially nickel and chromium alloy to work at high temperatures 300ºC. It has a high abrasion resistance to withstand the fluids prepared and any particles that may exist. MATERIALS • Carbon Steel • Inox • Bronze • Brass • Apply valves size: ¼”- 50″. • Operating […]


    We can supply all materials that we use to manufacture the gaskets; sheets of compressed cardboards free of asbestos, PTFE sheets in its different forms, graphite sheets, rubber sheets, etc…   NON ASBESTOS SHEETS CPI-FM PTFE SHEETS MODIFIED PTFE SHEETS EXPANDED PTFE SHEETS – TGEX GRAPHITE SHEET – TGFG RUBBER SHEETS  


    CPI-SW PTFE Thanks to the high chemical stability, good mechanical properties and permanent resistance in the atmosphere. The gaskets are suitable for all types of gaskets and different media, mostly for aggressive chemicals. It can be used for a wide range of applications in such fields as fine chemical, petrochemicals, phanmaceuticals, foodstuffs and general industries. […]

  • Silicone Hose

    Silicone tubes have been widely used in different sectors: medical, pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries. In CPI we manufacture tube in 60 Shores standard hardness in translucent color, available in peroxide silicone or platinum silicone. It is possible to produce in colors under Pantone or RAL reference. The standard color of the silicone hose is […]


CPI-Tech has as an objective to offer high quality products being the novelty and quality its main referent. Its rests firmly with the concept of offering high-quality technology products at competitive prices, allowing to the customers access to the new market trends.

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It covers many products related to the emerging world of 3D printing. This range of 3D products offers from 3D printers to all kinds of filament relative on this world.

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In constant research and investment in new technologies, our company is a leader in the field of sealing by manufacturing their own products.

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