Our company

PRODYSOL‘s main objective is to manufacture and market products adapting to market needs, offering solutions and actively contributing to the growth of our customers. At CPI PRODYSOL we firmly believe in the concept of offering high quality products and services, with great concern in technological updating, committing ourselves to regulations on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Our centers

CPI PRODYSOL, relying on its production centers in Spain and China, has an effective organization based on the ISO 9001 standard, providing technology, innovation, service, quality and commitment to constant evolution, being a benchmark of service in all products that supplied.

CPI PRODYSOL, is a company integrated in CIPSA group.

What do we do?

PRODYSOL distributes its activity in 5 divisions: Sealing, connection and conduction of fluids as well as accessories for the electronics sector are some areas where the business is developed with the CPI brand.

3DCPI offers products and support for the emerging world of 3D printing and CPI-Tech introduces the latest technology products and market needs to the market



CPI Sealing

It covers a wide range of products for sealing, being present in sectors such as petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, thermal and hydraulic plants, boilermaking, air conditioning, motors, pharmaceuticals, naval, lighting, optics, food, irrigation and automotive.

Industrial sealing gaskets: spirometallic, metalloplastic, RTJ and Camprofile; complemented with gaskets, graphite rings, dielectric kits and all kinds of mechanized technical plastics (PTFE, PEEK, DEVLON, PCTFE).

O-rings or rubber molded parts are a solution to achieve the necessary tightness. The rubber profiles offer solutions to achieve the necessary IP degree.

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CPI Fluids & Automation

It offers solutions to the hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid connection sector, supplying hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, hydraulic hoses, PTFE, PA, PU tubes and control elements.

CPI-Fluids & Automation, is a distributor of the UNIVER and PARKER LEGRIS brands.

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CPI Electronic

It supplies products related to electronics such as solar panels, USB connections, telephone cables or power cables. Solar panels custom made for electronic equipment with a high degree of efficiency.

Manufacturing with a silicone mold, 3D printing or machining to produce boxes and plastic parts become the most efficient process for small and medium-sized series. Without the need for investment in molds or tools, offering excellent finishes and total flexibility in modifications. Manufacturing using injection molds is chosen for large series. Catalog of standard plastic boxes available.

Printed circuits: single-sided, bilayer, multilayer and aluminum PCB; flexible circuit, keyboards and digital printing manufactured with high technology machinery and with rigorous controls and tests throughout the manufacturing process.

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    Rubber plates are mainly used for making destine to pieces: SHIPBUILDING, AUTOMOTIVE, CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, COATINGS, MINING, CONSTRUCTION We are in a position to provide our plates rubber in different qualities in smooth finishes or printing on one or both sides. Also we have qualities with textile and metal insert. Qualified to solve any problems as soon as possible […]


    Metal jacketed gaskets are formed by a soft material soul (FM, PTFE, graphite, etc.) coated partially or totally by a ductile metal foil. The quality of materials for the metal jacketed gaskets must be chosen according to the working pressure and the fluid with which it is in contact. Thanks to their understandable structure and light are more fully shown […]


    CPI-PRODYSOL is a recognized leadin manufcaturer and supplier of high quality and high performance oil seals, rotary shaft seals, and hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide our valued customers with the most effective designing, engineering and manufacturing solutions to meet their most demanding applications. […]


    Thanks to the Technical Packing CPI-P and Graphite Rings we can cover a considerable number of applications which have common factors as the handling of fluids under pressure with high temperatures and corrosive agents. Generally square section it has a variety of materials used depending on the application it has to cover.   CPI-P3100 • […]


    CPI-TGFG GRAPHITE GASKET SHEETS Graphite Gasket Sheets combines excellent chemical resistance with an exceptionally wide temperature range to provide outstanding sealing integrity over extended periods. Used in chemical, petrochemical and other industries. MAIN FEATURES • Optimum temperature resistance at elevated pressure. • Excellent resistance to thermal spikes. • Optimal duration. • Self-lubricating and non-stick. Fireproof. STANDARD TECHNICAL VALUES Specific weight of […]

CPI Tech

Its objective is to offer high quality products, being the novelty and quality its reference. It is firmly based on the concept of offering high-quality technological products at competitive prices, allowing consumers to access new market trends.

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It covers a large number of products related to the world of 3D printing. It offers 3D printers and different types of filaments and 3D consumables. Manufactured with quality criteria of the CPI brand, large format 3D printers offer multiple possibilities.

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