Digital manufacturing is already a reality and the industry 4.0 promises a future of innovation where creativity will be the only limit. 3D printers are here to stay and become a must-have for both designers and productions sites. In 3DCPI we want to help you to integrate the additive manufacture in your company, and for this reason, in addition to a wide catalogue of materials, printers capable of working with them and offering first-class finished, we offer you all the help and advice needed to get you the maximum match to all our products.

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  • Industrial 3D Printer

    3D FDM printers. They are widely used in the world of 3D printing in different environments. 3D FDM printers work by fusing the 3D filament generating layers.

  • Domestic 3D Printer

    3D printer kit is a type of RepRap, Prusa i3 Hephestos. Different options with everything you need to build your own 3D printer Kit.  

  • 3D Filaments

    Printable filaments 3D for FDM printers with a different coil formats. The filaments are compatible with all 3D printers. Available in a thickness of: 1.75/3 mm  

  • Special 3D filaments

    Special 3D filaments with various finished, specifications and features. Cosmetic changes stand out the characteristics of the special 3D filaments.  

  • 3D Accesories

    Buy here all the necessary accessories for 3D printing you need, Kapton ribbons, as well as Fixation for your impressions: Dimafix, 3DLac, nozzles, extruders, sensors, and much more. Everything you want and what you need for your 3D printer.  

  • Scanner 3D

    3D scanner that allows capturing forms of any object. Objects are scanned by 3D scanner in minutes. It doesn’t require a complex configuration.