Rubber-metal seals CPI-RM type G-ST  acumulan  una amplia gama de aplicaciones en la tecnología de sellado. El anillo de acero plano que es protegido de la corrosión mediante la vulcanización, absorbe la presión de ensayo con facilidad. tippmix teljes ajánlat Las irregularidades y surcos, incluso desalineaciones leves son compensadas excelentemente. Asimismo, la junta muestra insensibilidad ante mínimos par de aprietes durante la instalación. tippmix eredménye

These are used in a wide range of sectors: steel works, pharmaceutical industries, food producers, the petrochemical and chemical sectors and power stations, they can be used where there is water and any type of gas.

The metal rubber gaskets  ICC-RM type GS-T They have been used for many years in any pipe service with good results.

The most common applications are in steel mills, power plants, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, as well as gas industries and numerous national and international water companies. nyerogepes jatekok ingyen

known as G-ST joints these gaskets are available in DIN and ASA sizes and in different material qualities


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