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CPI FLUIDS & AUTOMATION offers solutions manufacturing and marketing high quality products for hydraulics and pneumatics.

CPI FLUIDS & AUTOMATION is distributor of UNIVER and PARKER LEGRIS brands.

Hydraulic hoses; PA tube, PU and PTFE for pneumatic applications; spiral pipes, hydraulic fittings and tires and different connections complement the wide range of products on CPI FLUIDS & AUTOMATION

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    Parker Legris Connectic Low Pressure, technical components for industrial fluids From an industrial vacuum to up to 230 bar, the PARKER LEGRIS CONNECTIC LOW PRESSURE range offers innovating and reliable products for air, water, oil, foodstuffs or chemical circuits: fittings, valves, tubes, pipings, ball valves, couplers, blow-guns.


    From the industrial vacuum to 16 bars pressure, TRANSAIR offers innovation systems for the realization of compressed air networks, water and neutral gases in industrial warehouses. Composed of fittings of fast connection, combined with aluminum tubes or stainless steel.  


      INSTANT FITTINGS The instant fittings allow with a great speed, circuits for the compressed air transport, gas or liquid inside a big range of pressures, temperatures and types of fluids. The circuit is dismantled and modified immediatly and with need of tools. FITTINGS WITH FEATURES The fittings with features ( flow regulators, fittings of […]


    The bonded seals have the funciton to seal threaded unions and flange, in Metric, BSP (auto central). Special designs of bonded seals can be manufactured. The bonded seals have the function be sealed screw connections and flanges in metric, BSP (self-centrals). Nº Code Inches OD D3 ID DN T 080001800 1/8″ 15.88 11.84 10.37 8.26 2.00 080001400 1/4″ 20.57 15.21 […]


    The hydraulic hoses CPI-FLEX are designed tubes for the fluids transport to an other place. They are useded for low, medium, high and extreme pressure. they may have braided metal netting from one to 4 depending on the required pressure. They are the more flexible part of the hydraulic system (or circuit), but also the […]

  • Expansion joint

    Expansion joints or expansion compensators are flexible tubular elements that are installed in pipes and / or equipment where there are mechanical movements generated by thermal expansion and vibrations produced by fluids at high speeds or other causes. Designed to compensate for thermal expansion and misalignment of pipes. They absorb vibrations and noise and dampen […]

  • PA – PU TUBE

    CLOSE TOLERANCE SEMI-RIGID POLYAMIDE (PA) TUBING Tried and tested for industrial or vehicle applications, PA tubing guarantees excellent durability due to its stable long-term mechanical properties. CLOSE TOLERANCE RIGID NYLON TUBE Legirs semi-rigid nylon tubing is manufactured to very close tolerances, to provide consistently high quality over wide temperature and pressure ranges. Our semi-rigid nylon […]


    PTFE Braided Hose is extruded PTFE tube braided with one or several layers of stainless steel, after braided it can bear high pressure. The stainless steel cover is the main pressure-bearing part of the PTFE Braided Hose, and it can protect the inner PTFE tube. You can choose one or several layers of stainless steel […]

  • Silicone Hose

    Silicone tubes have been widely used in different sectors: medical, pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries. In CPI we manufacture tube in 60 Shores standard hardness in translucent color, available in peroxide silicone or platinum silicone. It is possible to produce in colors under Pantone or RAL reference. The standard color of the silicone hose is […]


    PTFE extruded tubing is manufactured by high pressure PTFE dispense resin mixed with additive, it is extruded and sintered. According to different demands, the tubing could be opaque or translucent. PTFE TUBE is suitable for contact with food, according to the FDA CFR 21.177.1550 KEY PROPERTIES • High and Low Temperature Resistance: continuous operating temperature 70℃~+260℃. • […]