CPI Sealing

CPI SEALING covers a wide range of products for the tightness, being present in sectors as diverse as the petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, thermal and hydraulic power plants, boilermaking, motors, pharmaceuticals, naval, lighting, food, automotive or machinery manufacturing.

The range of products developed to carry out the tightness in flanges and industrial equipment includes the boards industrial as Espirometalicas, Metaloplasticas, Metalicas, RTJ, Camprofile, also having O-rings, molded parts, tonic cord, metalbunas, seals, collars, etc.

CPI SEALING completes its range of products with machined parts, gaskets, graphite rings, dielectric kits and all kinds of technical plastics such as PTFE, PEEK, DEVLON, PCTFE, etc.

The various manufacturing possibilities, together with the study of the latest technologies and innovations, as well as the constant search for processes to improve the product, place CPI SEALING as one of the reference manufacturers for large companies and engineering companies. 

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