Single Sided Double Sided Multilayer Pcb

Single Sided Double Sided Multilayer Pcb


Despite the continuous miniaturization and complexity of printed circuits, with a notable increase in the world consumption of Multilayers and HDI, Single-layer and Double-layer (PTH) circuits continue to be the products with the highest consumption worldwide.

For this reason, at Cipsacircuits we continue to offer these products, from the simplest single-layer to the most complex double-layer, both in small production runs and in the highest volumes.

They are offered with all kinds of materials (FR4, High Tg, Halogen Free, Aluminium, Ceramic, High Frequency,…), with copper thicknesses ranging from 9 µm to 400 µm, and with all available finishes.

Due to the continuous miniaturization of circuits and components, and the large number of interconnections that this produces, multilayer technology offers the possibility of vertical construction in several layers. This technology is assuming a growing market in all sectors and applications. At Cipsacircuits we have presses that guarantee a homogeneous temperature in all the circuits during the pressing of the layers. Determining factor to guarantee reliability and quality in our final product with a minimization of the risk of delaminations.


Today's high-density interconnect (HDI) on printed circuit boards can be realized with Sequential Build Multilayer (SBU) technology. This technology allows layer pairs to be sequentially added to an inner layer or multi-layer core. A dielectric (pre-preg) together with copper sheets (copper foil) are added to both sides of the inner core and sequentially manufacturing said structure as if it were a normal multilayer, with holes that go through it completely (through hole). or blind and/or buried drills made with depth control or laser drilling go through up to the layer we need (blind/buried vias). Today CIPSA is prepared to manufacture this SBU technology up to 4 + N + 4, that is, we can add up to 4 pressed layers to a central core.


The increase in demand for High Power printed circuits and greater cooling needs, together with the increase in complexity at the same time, requires the development of new concepts. Therefore, Cipsacircuits, taking advantage of its experience in the production of 400 µm and multilayer printed circuits, can offer its customers the manufacture of mixed multilayers, in which internal layers from 105 µm to 400 µm can be placed, together with external layers. signal or digital electronics, with a lower copper thickness.