CPI-CATJOINT for fuperior cathodic protection , it is a monolithic isolating joint which effectively and efficiently stops short circuits and stray currents from damaging pipelines and equipment.  Employs one or more, preassembled pressure seals and isolating ring.  Unlike isolating gasket kits, CPI-CATJOINT does not depend on an installer fitting gasket, sleeves and washers into a flange on location. Any one of these parts could be damaged causing a complete breakdown of the isolated flange, thus loosing cathodic isolation.  Because are welded into place as one piece units, field problems are virtually non-existent and the integrity of the isolation is kept intact. Furthermore, once installed, CPI-CATJOINT can be buried and forgotten ending your maintenance worries. In contrast, inspection pits and vaults must be used to monitor below ground isolation gaskets. And constant visual inspections of above ground isolation gaskets are necessary to check for shorts in the gaskets. This requires a continuing maintenance program during the entire life.

No  loss  of  integrity  due  to  thermal  expansion  or  ground  stress  as  is  common  with  flange  insulation  gasket  kits.  100%  tested  hydrostatically  and  electrically,  to  1-1/2  times  working  pressure.  Non-destructive  testing  is  also  available.

Maintenance-free,  reliable  cathodic  isolation  of  equipment  in  required  isolation  applications  such  as  compressor  stations.

  • No labor  intensive,  complicated  installation  procedure  required  as  with  isolation  gasket  kits
  • No inspection  pits,  vaults  or  maintenance  needed  –  weld  into  place  and  direct  bury  –  reliable,  worry-free  cathodic  isolation.
  • Non-conductive epoxy coatings help prevent shorts, both externally and internally.
  • Isolates stray currents impressed on the pipe from exterior forces such as electrical transmission systems, earth currents and currents flowing from point to point.
  • Excellent bending and torsional resistance.



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