Expansion joint

Expansion joints or expansion compensators are flexible tubular elements that are installed in pipes and / or equipment where there are mechanical movements generated by thermal expansion and vibrations produced by fluids at high speeds or other causes.

Designed to compensate for thermal expansion and misalignment of pipes. They absorb vibrations and noise and dampen the overpressures produced by pumps, motors, turbines, fans, etc.

Expansion joints are suitable for hundreds of applications in a wide variety of industries, such as:

Energy generation
Paper industry
Chemical products
Water and sewage disposal
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Food and drinks
Gas and Oil
Petrochemical Products

The fundamental element of an expansion joint is the bellows. The bellows must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the fluid, and flexible to deform due to the difference in displacements or turns at its ends.

Expansion joints effectively reduce the noise level and the transmission of vibration generated by mechanical equipment. This characteristic is particularly important in ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Rubber expansion joint

Rubber expansion joints eliminate thermal expansions and vibrations, especially in pipes that carry liquid fluids.

The purpose of installing a Rubber Expansion Joint is to absorb the stresses produced by deformations in the rigid elements mentioned above, introducing a flexible element in the system.

– Maximum temperature: 70 ° C

Applications: highly chlorinated water, sea water, waste water, acidic or basic water, water with anticorrosive, lubricating oil and grease, compressed air.

Metal expansion joint

Metal expansion joints are used wherever high temperatures, aggressive fluids or high pressures are present. They can be designed and produced for a wide range of applications.

– Temperature range: -30 ° C to 1200 ° C
Fluids: air, exhaust gas, steam, water, mineral oil, liquid fuels derived from petroleum, liquefied petroleum gases, etc.

Textile expansion joint

The textile expansion joint is a mono or multilayer construction made from glass fibers, silica, ceramics, steels, fluoroplastics, insulation materials, and elastomers. Its function consists of absorbing vibrations and movements of thermal origin, relieving stress in duct systems.


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