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IMS Circuits

Despite the relentless advancement in the efficiency of electronic components, such as processors, power semiconductors, converters, amplifiers and power LEDs, more and more heat energy has to be dissipated to meet the demands for higher system performance in smaller dimensions. diminishing physical For this reason, Cipsacircuits offers IMS circuits, which are printed circuits with a metallic substrate that functions as a heat sink. The metal substrate can be Copper or Aluminum, they are generally used because they are materials with high thermal conductivity and allow the dissipation of the heat produced by the electronic components in the equipment in operation, although due to the cost the most commonly used are the IMS of aluminum. The thermal conductivity provided by Aluminum makes it possible to obtain a high density of components in the design, longer operating times of the equipment and greater safety against the possible failure of components, such as LEDs and high-power transistors.

Printed circuits with metal substrate (Isolated Metal Substrate) are usually single-sided with Aluminum material or double-sided with insulated and metallized hole (PTH). The most widely used use is in Led Technology, with a considerable increase in global demand, although they are also used in other sectors.

You can request Aluminum substrate printed circuits from us, both 1-sided and 2-sided, with thermal conductivity ranges of 1 W/mk, 1.3 W/mk, 1.8 W/mk, 2.2 W/mk and 3.2 W/mk.


Aluminum thickness 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 20.0mm
Base Copper 18μm, 35μm, 70μm, 105μm
finishes HAL Lead Free, Chemical Silver
Minimum Conductor Width 125μm
Minimum Conductor Separation 125μm
Minimum Crown 150μm
Minimum Metallic Drill 0.3mm
Minimum Insulating Drill 1.0mm
Minimum Drill Non-Metalized 1.0mm

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