CPI Electronic

Capacitive keyboards

Capacitive keyboards allow the keys to be pressed by simply approaching the finger, without the need to physically press the key.

They also allow placement behind various materials, with thicknesses unthinkable in conventional keyboards.

As in the rest of the keyboards, the fronts can be screen printed both in conventional and digital screen printing.

In addition to the materials used in the other keyboards: polyesters, polycarbonates,... here we can also work directly on methacrylates.

It is possible to make reliefs on keys or other elements, braille texts, transparent windows, colored transparent areas...

They can have the circuit printed by screen printing on a polyester sheet, or printed circuit can be used with the possibility of adding SMD components and screws.

We can also place fixing adhesives, on the back (or front), of various thicknesses.

They can be delivered on a fiberglass, plastic,…

We work with high quality materials. You can check its characteristics: