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    The SWG TR/TAC/TAI/TACI they are composed of a sealing element which combines a metal strip and a strip of softer material (FM, PTFE, Graphite, Mica, etc.), wrapping both strips in concentric spirals with a DC voltage. The main property of the spiral wound gaskets, due to the elastic action of the compound by the metal strip profile, It is […]


    RTJ joints are indicated in applications high pressures and temperatures. They are designed to be accommodated in specific slots and flanges contact surfaces of the gasket and the flange must be carefully machined and finished. They are particularly suitable for very high pressures, up to 1000 psi. The RTJ gasket material should be a little softer than the flange itself […]


    SPECIALIZED RING TYPE JOINT In addition to standard profile shapes, CPI SEALING can supply various non-standard profile shapes since this involves non-standard items, clear descriptions and/or drawings must be made available. DESCRIPTION Transition Ring Type Joints: It is used when the flanges have different groove dimensions or profiles. Transition Ring Type Joints are available with either […]


    Metal jacketed gaskets are formed by a soft material soul (FM, PTFE, graphite, etc.) coated partially or totally by a ductile metal foil. The quality of materials for the metal jacketed gaskets must be chosen according to the working pressure and the fluid with which it is in contact. Thanks to their understandable structure and light are more fully shown […]


    FLANGE INSULATIONS KITS • Flange insulation kits CPI-TGCD are typically used on offshore installations, seawater environments, chemical installations, oil refinery pipelines. • Flange insulation kits CPI-TGCD follow standards ANSI 16.5 & API 605, other standards need to provide more specifications according to our requirements. • Flange Insulation Kits CPI-TGCD consist of an insulating gasket; some insulating sleeves […]


    Corrugated Metal Gaskets with soft layer on both sides are used in low pressure applications in large diameter flue gas ducts at high temperatures. The use of corrugated gaskets eliminates the problem of difficult handling with large non-metal gaskets used in those applications. Corrugated metal gaskets CPI-TG26 have been proven to be both reliable and cost-effective for […]


    The gaskets camprofile TG-CP It consists of a metal core with concentric grooves (sawtooth) covered by a layer of soft material depending on the application may be PTFE, graphite. The toothed metal profile of the camprofile gasket allows you to use the board under high pressure crushing low torque. Meetings are the ideal solution for standard applications for […]


    No Metallic Gaskets include different materials ranging from a wide range of elastomers, materials free of asbestos, graphite with metal inserts, PTFE, together with reinforced its internal Ø (TG 10), etc. SANDWICH CPI-SW Sandwich CPI-SW Gaskets are formed by a core soft material (FM, graphite, rubber, etc.) at the same time partially or completely coated by a PTFE sheet. Sandwich gaskets combine […]

  • FOAM gaskets epdm, cr,eva, pu, nbr+pvc

    Our products include EPDM foam, NBR foam, CR foam, NBR/PVC extrusion foam, PE foam, EVA foam, plastic-rubber foam, sponges, slow-rebounding foam, SBR laminated with fabrics, foams of thermoplastic elastomer.   We also possess high-precision processing equipments such as horizontal cutting, slitting, gluing, die cutting and so on, in terms of different customization, such foams are […]

  • Die cutting

    We obtain stamped parts with clean cuts and very tight dimensional tolerances. All thanks to the perfect combination of the variety of processes available: – die-cutting – pressing – cut by blade     Possibility of manufacturing large, medium and small series. The most diverse shapes can be die-cut thanks to the versatility of our […]


    Rubber-Metal Gaskets have amassed a wide range of applications in sealing technology. Wherever the secure sealing of media with an exceptionally low leak rate, as well as low bolt loads at relatively low temperatures is required, rubber-metal gaskets provide the optimal solution. These are used in a range of sectors: steel works, pharmaceutical industries, food producers, […]


    METAL RINGS The surface of the faces of the stainless seats are coated by spraying especially nickel and chromium alloy to work at high temperatures 300ºC. It has a high abrasion resistance to withstand the fluids prepared and any particles that may exist. MATERIALS • Carbon Steel • Inox • Bronze • Brass • Apply valves size: ¼”- 50″. • Operating […]


    RINGS • Inners and outers • Stainless steel, carbon steel, special steel. • Galvanized or epoxy finish.   GRAPHITE ROLLS • Thickness: 0,5 / 0,8 / 1 mm • Widths: 3,2 / 3,5 / 4,2 / 4,5 / 4,8 mm • Possibility of manufacturing special measures. PTFE ROLLS • Thickness: 0,5 / 0,8 / 1 […]


    CPI-TG10 CPI-TG10 gasket with CPI-FM Compressed Non-asbestos Cutting Gasket or CPI-FG which is fitted with metal inner eyeletted, to be used into applications where leak-free sealing is of greatest importance. The advantages of this type of gasket are the resistance to blow-out and its higher temperature and pressure range. ADVANTATGES • Blow out protection. • Protection against chemical […]


    CPI-FM10. CPI-FM10 is manufactured from mixture of organic fibres with NBR binder. All of industries at lower parameters. Colour Blue Maximum temperature 200ºC Maximum pressure 60 bar Density 1.8 – 2.0g/cm3 Antistick coating One side.   CPI-FM20. High quality material containing mixture of temperature resisting mineral aramid fibers with special NBR binder. A general material suitable for sealing […]


    O-RINGS The use of O-rings extends to many fields. The main function that characterizes this type of joint is its ability to maintain the seal, preventing the mixture of liquids and gases. They are characterized by their versatility and resistance to high pressures and temperatures. The type of elastomer used in its manufacture can vary. We can offer […]


    Encapsulated O-ring gaskets, combine the qualities of PTFE-FEP with silicone elastomer VMQ or Viton-FKM. They consist of a top layer of 0.2 mm that protects the elastomer inside chemical aggressive environments. There exist different combinations: • Viton-FKM + FEP • Viton-FKM + PFA • Silicone-VMQ + FEP • Silicone-VMQ + PFA Encapsulated O-rings are commonly used in the pharmaceutical […]


    DESCRIPTION This seal is made by mould. Polyurethane seals is one of the most commonly used elastomer in most of the industries, when high levels of abrasion are present. This abrasion resistance is combined with high load & impact bearing capabilities that make polyurethane the material of choice for a number of machines and other engineering […]

  • CPI Seals

    50PISTON SEALS   Application Range: Pressure [MPa] 60, Temperature [° C] -45…+200 , Sliding speed[m/s] 15 Medium: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids, water, air and others Material: O ring NBR / FKM (Special on request), Slide ring: PTFE-glass (Special on request) Application: valve stem,machine tool,mini hydraulic Application Range: Pressure [MPa] 60, Temperature [° C] -45…+200 […]


    RINGS • Inner, outer • Inox, carbon steel, special steels. • Galvanized or epoxy finish. GRAPHITE ROLLS • Thicknes: 0.5/0.8/1 mm • Widths: 3.2/3.5/4.2/4.5/4.8 mm. • Possibility of manufacturing special measures. PTFE ROLLS • Thicknes: 0.5/0.8/1 mm • Widths: 3.2/3.5/4.2/4.5/4.8 mm. • Possibility of manufacturing special measures.