CPI Sealing the sealing division of PRODYSOL certifies their compounds NBR, EPDM, VMQ and FKM for use according to FDA regulations in the manufacture of FDA O-rings and Molded parts FDA.

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These compounds conform to the specification US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 for use in specific sectors such as:


  • Food: dry, fatty, preserved or frozen products.
  • Drinks: drinking water, soft drinks, dairy, beer or wine.
  • Pharmacy: cosmetics, health and hygiene.
  • Medicine: orthopedics or implants.
  • Biochemistry and biotechnology. gaminator download
  • Chemical and petrochemical.
  • Gas industry.
  • Aeronautics.
  • Electronics.
  • Equipment for painting.

FDA O-Rings are circular sealing elements which are mainly used in static applications. Sizes are specified by the inside diameter and cross-sectional diameter. mobil kaszinó online Our O-rings are manufactured according to the international standards of the metric and imperial system, as AS 568B, DIN ISO 3601 and JIS. It is possible to obtain custom sizes of almost any dimension, such as miniature O-rings, special O-rings of great dimensions and toric string continuously spliced with adhesive or vulcanization.



Molded parts FDA manufactured by compression or injection, allows us to supply any type of shape under flat or sample, in small, medium or large series. In our production plant we have our own section for the manufacture of molds and tools. This allows us to offer very short delivery times and competitive prices. Our manufacturing processes are adapted to the demands of the customers, offering a high degree of quality and service.

The terms FPM, FKM y Vitón® very often cause confusion and lead to misinterpretations. All these designations stand out for a single base material: fluorinated rubber. FPM is the international abbreviation according to DIN / ISO, while FKM is the short form of the fluoroelastomer according to the American standard ASTM.

Viton® is the trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.