Rubber-Metal Gaskets have amassed a wide range of applications in sealing technology. Wherever the secure sealing of media with an exceptionally low leak rate, as well as low bolt loads at relatively low temperatures is required, rubber-metal gaskets provide the optimal solution. online nyerőgépes játékok ingyen

These are used in a range of sectors: steel works, pharmaceutical industries, food producers, petrochemical and chemical sectors and electricity stations and can be used where there is water and any type of gas. gaminator bónusz kodok

Thanks to their special structure they can compensate for any irregularities and any inexact alignment of the flange also with minimum clamping thus, resulting in less wear and tear on the flange sealing surfaces. nagytétes tippmix tippek

Also known as G-ST Gaskets, these gaskets are available in DIN and ASA sizes, as well as different quality materials.


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