PRODYSOL presents the new online shop for CPI-Tech division.

In this online shop you can purchase high quality products being the quality and the novelty the main reference. tippmix kalkulátor

CPI-Tech introduces at the market the last novelties in technology products. The products comply the regulations about sustainability and respect for the environment, offering quality produced under European standards. tippmix nyeremenyjatek

CPI-Tech born with the concept to offers technology products with high quality a competitives prices, allowing the customers to access to the new trends of the market.

The CPI-Wheel novelty, also known as Hoverboard, Smart Balance, electric scooter… among other names, is a premium product which comply all the quality regulations required. Its SAMSUNG/LG batteries place it as a reference on the market for the quality and reliability. tippmix kalkulator



You can buy from our website, as well as consult our models, colours, characteristics and much more.

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