Manguera silicona

Silicone tubes have been widely used in different sectors: medical, pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries.

At CPI PRODYSOL we manufacture tube in standard 60 Shore hardness in translucent color, available in silicone with peroxide or platinum silicone. Possibility of manufacturing in colors under the Pantone or RAL range; The standard color of the silicone hose is translucent white.

Manufacture of special hardnesses upon request, from 20 to 85 hours.

Available materials: standard insulating silicone (MVQ), or FDA-compliant food grade silicone in compliance with the FDA (CFR21 section 177.2600).


  • The silicone tube is extremely flexible and elastic and is not altered by the weather.
  • Normally UV rays, radiation and ozone do not affect it.
  • It offers high stability at high temperatures and flexibility at low temperatures. It is resistant to extreme temperature variations.
  • Mechanical strength: resistant to tearing, stretching and traction.
  • Important dielectric resistance.
  • Steam resistant to be autoclaved.
  • Poor resistance to fuels, solvents and abrasion.


Temperature: -40 oC to +200 oC.
Hardness: 60 SH.D
Density: 1.2 g/cm 3 .